Friday, April 2, 2010

ObamaCare: designed to fail, part 2

We keep hearing that the health care reform package passed by Congress was modeled on the Massachusetts universal health insurance requirement plan. How's that working out for Massachusetts?

Insurance rates went up so much that the state is now attempting to impose price controls!

"Massachusetts regulators issued their first batch of health care price controls on Thursday, rejecting the vast majority of small business premium increases sought this year by the state's major insurers.

"Insurance Commissioner Joseph Murphy said he had rejected 235 of 274 proposed rate increases because they included 'excessive increases and rates unreasonable relative to the benefits provided.'"

With no caps on costs, insurance premiums must continue to rise until the insurance companies must raise rates. If they insurance companies cannot raise rates, they must ration care. If they cannot raise rates or ration care, they must go out of business.

Is this the plan behind the reform plan?