Friday, May 7, 2010

Our All-American terrorist: Pity him, pity him!

CNN reported on the SUV-bomber's financial situation.

1. He bought a home with 20% down for $273,000.

2. He had a good job as a financial analyst. The value of the home dropped, but he had his job, he got married, and continued to pay the mortgage.

3. Then, in Jan 2009 he applied for and received a $65,000 home equity loan to raise cash.

4. He "left" his job (not fired), quit paying his mortgage, and took his family to Pakistan as he pursued terrorist training.

5. Naturally, the home was foreclosed on. This is almost an irrelevant footnote to the story.

After laying out this case of logical step-by-step premeditation, the story ends with this ABSURD paragraph:

"And so on Monday, when Shahzad's case is scheduled to appear before a judge in Connecticut Superior Court, he will be just one more of the millions of American homeowners who hasn't paid his mortgage in more than a year and is sitting on a debt -- in this case, $37,870.38 -- that outstrips the value of the home buried beneath it."

Oh wow! He's just like one of us. One more victim of the unfair American system that has let so many fall through the cracks into foreclosure. Is this liberal bias? What kind of warped thinking process would come up with something like that?

Headline should have been "Fanatical Muslim Terrorist Games Home Loan System To Raise Cash For Pakistani Training In Bomb Making."