Sunday, October 17, 2010

Awareness awareness

More than ever I have noticed that we are being bombarded by awareness campaigns. Breast cancer awareness -- the pink ribbons and pink products. The First Lady is promoting awareness of diet and exercise for children. Excuse me. "For the cheeeldren." I saw a story on the local television news about ordinary people sleeping in cardboard boxes to raise "homeless awareness."

In other words, I've become more aware of the "awareness" phenomenon. Awareness awareness. I can't think of a ribbon that would be appropriate for this awareness to the second power.

There are still threats to our survival as a once-prosperous nation of which people are not yet sufficiently aware.

As far as I can tell, no one has officially developed awareness campaigns for the unpayable national debt, or the Federal Reserve slowly destroying our savings by manipulating interest rates and conjuring money into existence out of thin air -- literal currency inflation.

What about government waste awareness? Or awareness of the courts usurping our God-given individual rights?

Each of these deserve campaigns, with public events, corporate sponsorship, identifiable symbols or "branding" (like the pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness that is now appearing on a plethora of food and other products).

I don't have the brainpower or money or influence to make it happen. But I think in the marketplace of awareness, we need competition from libertarian and limited-government ideas and movements that are targeted for mass public education and symbols that unite people in mass numbers to agitate for the return of our freedoms, a return to sound money, limited sensible government regulation that is enforced fairly and justly in the interests of all parties (not merely for the benefit of the Ruling Class), and low taxes.