Thursday, October 7, 2010

War with Muslims has just begun...

The Times Square bomber, sentenced to life imprisonment on Oct 5, made a statement/rant before the court. Some excerpts:

"Brace yourselves, the war with Muslims has just begun. Consider me the first droplet of the flood that will follow. [Defeat of the United States] is imminent and will happen in the near future."

"...the Koran gives us the right to defend, that's all I'm doing."

"[If given 1,000 lives, I would] sacrifice them all for the sake of Allah."

"We are only Muslims trying to defend our religion, people, honor and land. But if you call us terrorists for doing that, then we are proud terrorists, and we will keep on terrorizing until you leave our land and people at peace."

'We do not accept your democracy or your freedom because we already have Sharia law and freedom."

sources: and, October 6.