Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cable TV Waterloo

Mish reports that cable TV customers are canceling subscriptions in droves. People can't afford the bills anymore. Many of those who stay connected are cutting deals -- more content or lower bills. Fierce competition, but many people are getting off the cable/satellite merry-go-round.

From Rolling Stone last month:

"Cutting the Cord... According to one firm, up to 15 percent of US
households will be watching TV exclusively on the Internet by the end
of this year. Cable subscriptions went down steeply last spring (that
never happens!), and new Internet-only boxes like the Boxee Box and
the rejiggered Apple TV -- which now hooks up to Netflix -- are lining
up to fill the void. For the cable networks, 2011 is looking
suspiciously like 2000 did for the music biz: the year the shit hits
the fan."

I am watching J. Michael Straczynski's old post-apocalypse series Jeremiah
on now. It's not bad. Luke Perry and that kid from the Cosby
show star in it. I'm waiting for the new Stargate Universe shows to come
online. They delay them a month now on hulu. Who cares? Hulu you think
you're foolin'? If there ever comes a day I cannot wait a month to
see a new episode of some TV show, somebody shoot me in the head. Take my life.

There is enough content on to entertain anyone indefinitely.